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Shopping trolley capsule liner-Helicopters

Funky babyz


 Shopping trolley's are full of sickly germs that our vulnerable babies/toddlers are being exposed to.

I never left home without my trolley seat liner/capsule liner after learning how easy it was for my babies to contract these diseases.

Our handmade trolley capsule liners are fully padded,made in 100% cotton or polycotton main fabric and polycotton plain matching fabric on the back.

Design you will receive in this sale-Helicopters

(liner in the shopping trolley capsule photo is to show how your liner will fit)

*They fit easily into the capsule,allows you to use all belts so baby can be safely strapped in.

*Each set comes with a liner and 1 pair of seat belt covers.

*Fit all Australian shopping trolley capsules.

*Machine washable with wading sewn in place and top stitched.
*Quality 150 gram polyester dacron wading-thickness 2.5cm
*Velcro closing seat belt covers
*Australian made in Hervey bay,Queensland Australia